We are a young, dynamic company working to offer our customers new ways to govern increasing industrial complexity.

Our experience gained in the field of Industrial Engineering and in the design and management of industrial production processes has given us extensive knowledge of solutions for data collection and processing, our goal is to improve industrial performance.

Oltre Solutions is part of Galileon Srl, a group founded with the aim of managing companies to improve industrial performance.


The smart loading/unloading booking system

Manage complexity with

Load manager is the 4.0 platform that can improve the performance of your logistics system.

Let data do the work

System collects and analyzes data using machine learning, improving estimation accuracy and forecasting without any human intervention

Book in one click

Booking is free and will take a few clicks on a wizard

Ready to start in a few hours, results come in a few days

Your business can gain savings very quickly, just few days after setup, Load Manager is easy to use and to integrate into your logistics process


Web booking

Booking effort speedup


Continuous scheduling

Time wasted adapting scheduling to real data


Real-time reporting

Acceleration of decision making


Advanced artificial intelligence algorithms allow to estimate lead times in an accurate and autonomous way


Through the use of Load Manager you can reduce lead times up to 30%


You can start getting tangible benefits already in the first week of use


Priority management can reduce costs for demurrages up to 70%


Thanks to its SAAS architecture, Load Manager is suitable for both large groups and small businesses

Pay per use

Pricing is proportional to the number of managed loading/unloading docks, costs are proportional to the benefits


-70 %
Costs for demurrages
-30 %
Lead time reduction
There's more!

Extra services


Custom reporting / customized support

SMS comunications to hauliers

Estimated Time of Arrival via geolocation

Integration with third party systems

Our customers

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    • Personalized assistance

Case studies

Load Manager is able to regulate the logistics process, through the identification, measurement and management of non-conformities, thus optimising the information exchange between the actors involved.
Silent and noisy: two adjectives that characterise logistics. A sector that when it works seems almost non-existent, but when it encounters problems it becomes so noisy that it destabilises the entire market. Those who work in this field and daily try to reach a winning compromise between the parties know
Through Load Manager, the hauliers present themselves at the goods receipt in time slots as close as possible to the predetermined ones, and with a minimum of flexibility on both sides, we are able to manage all activities in the logistics yard." - Claudia Tarantino, Supply Chain Office of Comifar,

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